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Yoga in the Philippines

Yoga in the Philippines. (Photo courteousy of Atmosphere Resort & Spa)s

Yoga in the Philippines

Now you can combine your holiday in the Philippines, with Yoga Classes. Whether you are new to the activity, or have more experience and want the challenge of a more dynamic class

Practising Yoga in the  Philippines

Yoga Philippines.

Yoga platform, Philippines

Yoga platform.

Yoga in the  Philippines

Yoga in the trees.

Yoga in the Philippines

Yoga classes in the Philippines. (Photos are courtesy of Atmosphere Resort & Spa)

Atmosphere Resort & Spa

Yoga classes are a part of the experience offered by Atmosphere Resort & Spa - one of the best resorts in the Philippines, where filipino hospitality is combined with first class amenities and service.

The resort is nicely situated in the grounds of an old coconut plantation on the island of Negros. It has a highly attractive beach front beside the warm waters of the Philippine Sea.

Whether you want to enjoy scuba dive, indulge yourself in the spa, or simply relax by the pool, you can look forward to an unforgettable stay.

Yoga for Fitness & Mental Relaxation

Yoga is becoming a popular activity, practiced simply for fitness and mental relaxation, or on a more serious level as a key to healthy living and a deeper appreciation of both the mind and body.

Incorporate yoga on a Philippines holiday and you can enjoy both open and private yoga classes, daily - from beginners level, to intermediate and advanced stages, utilising an elevated yoga platform, high in the trees, overlooking the ocean.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are guided by an experienced and certified ERYT-200 yoga teacher, and are offered at various levels.

General Yoga - this is ideal for the beginner, or for someone who is looking for a gentle introduction.

Intermediate - these classes are for those with with more experience and who want the challenge of a more dynamic class.

Private Yoga - Private yoga is a good way to introduce yourself to the activity. or to deepen your experience with one to one tuition, exploring different methods.

Yoga Retreats in the Philippines

Atmosphere Resort & Spa offers Yoga Retreats twice a year. This gives guests ample time to indulge in a lifestyle of healthy living. Yoga programs are three or six days in length and include many different yoga-related activities. These include asana practice, relaxation, and meditation. Other related activities are also part of the programme, including sanskrit chanting, nutrition workshops, and yoga philosophy.

There is plenty of time allowed for spa treatments as well as other activities around Negros island, including hiking, snorkeling, diving, and other excursions such as dolphin and whale watching.

Enjoy yoga in the Philippines and combine a tropical beach holiday with a holistic approach to wellbeing.

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