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Villa Escudero, Philippines

Villa Escudero, Philippines

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Villa Escudero

A two hour drive from Manila, travelling through scenic countryside, brings you to Villa Escudero Resort, an historic colonial plantation, displaying rural life as it was in the 1800’s. Villa Escudero is set amidst beautiful scenery with volcanic mountains, rows of coconut trees, verdant fields, plus of course the happy smiles and warmth of local village folk.

Picturesque setting of Villa Escudero, Philippines

Picturesque setting

Carabou at Villa Escudero, Philippines

Carabou-pulled transportation

Villa Escudero, Philippines

Villa Escudero, Philippines

Traditional Filipino dress

Traditional Filipino dress.

The Museum

Villa Escudero's museum houses one of the largest collections in the country, and is unmatched in its eclectic diversity.

Opened in 1987, the museum is housed in a replica of a church which once stood in Intramuros, Manila. The main content of the collection displays a treasure trove of colonial religious art, mostly dating from the Spanish era, which is testimony to the artistry of the Filipino people.

There are also extensive collections of Oriental ceramics, natural history, costumes, furniture, weaponry, plus other items gathered from around the world.

Waterfalls Restaurant

Enjoy lunch, served on bamboo tables, set alongside crystalline running water from the waterfalls. Experiencing delicious local dishes with the waterfalls as a backdrop, with clear spring water running over your feet, is a unique memorable experience which only Villa Escudero can offer.

Rural Village Tour

Take a tour aboard a colourful jeepney, or carabou-towed cart, and see the traditional village and villagers, just as landowners would have done on their tours of inspection, many years ago. Also discover methods whereby coconuts are farmed and harvested.

Birdwatching at Villa Escudero

Villa Escudero is a prominent birdwatching destination in the Philippines, and 17 endemic species have made the resort their home. Residents can wake up to a chorus from orioles, mynahs, kingfishers, doves and fantails.

Tour the gardens and experience the Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker, Red-keeled Flowerpeckers, or the Philippine Tailorbird. By the Labasin waterfalls visitors can observe Indigo-banded Kingfishers.

From dawn 'til dusk a wide variety of birds such as sunbirds, owls, herons, and swiftlets fly around Villa Escudero's gardens, and orchards.

Villa Escudero's Cultural Heritage

Villa Escudero was founded in the 1880s, and originally harvested sugarcane.

This crop was changed to coconut in the early 1900s.

The estate was opened to the public in 1981, and from its humble beginnings, the resort has now become an important tourist destination.

It has a worldwide reputation as a showcase for the Philippines' rich cultural heritage, and offers a fascinating glimpse of the country's history, cuisine, dress, customs and natural beauty

Villa Escudero Plantation Day Tour


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