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The Farm, Batangas, Philippines

The Farm Batangas Resort and Spa, Philippines

"Our driver and Carmen have been great.... The Farm and it's staff, FANTASTIC!!"
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The Farm Wellness & Health Resort, Batangas

The Farm Wellness & Health Resort, Batangas
The Farm, Batangas

The Farm Wellness and Health Resort, in Batangas, is a centre for holistic healing and wellness where people balance their mind, body and spirit with nourishing live foods in an eco - friendly place. CNN Traveller Magazine lists it as one of the Six Best Environmentally Friendly Hotels in the world!

Comfort is assured
The Farm, Batangas

In 2009 The Farm also won the prestigious Baccarat Award for "Spa Cuisine of the Year", for the second time, by Asia Spa Magazine.

The resort’s traditional Philippine designs of “rice barns and leaf-roofed houses” are considered environmentally friendly, as is the use of locally reared produce in its application of a holistic wellness philosophy, and the fact it has its own organic plantation that produces much of its vegan food and spa ingredients.

The Farm employs and trains a significant proportion of local staff from surrounding towns.

The Farm, BatangasThe Farm's Philosophy

The Farm provides the environment, guidance and support one needs to realise maximum human potential.

The Farm believes in the body’s inherent ability to heal and maintain a healthy functioning state.

The Farm believes disease is preventable and curable, naturally.

The Farm believes detoxification regiments are highly effective tools in restoring health.

The Farm believes good nutrition is enhanced by increasing the intake of raw or “living” food, and may or may not include cooked foods and animal protein.

The Farm believes an investment in health will be one of your wisest decisions.

It is The Farm's belief that many modern-day diseases have their origin in the accumulation of toxins in our bodies.

The Farm, BatangasToxins come from a wide range of causes including environmental pollution, smoking, food preservatives, as well as strained relationships, stress, etc.

The Farm offers Rejuve and Recovery Retreat programs that focus on medically guided detoxification as a way to jump start the body cleansing process. The Farm medical staff will design a Recovery Retreat program tailored to each individual's specific needs.

The Farm sees that we are spiritual, mental and emotional beings as much as we are physical beings, and that emotional strain and stress can affect our health. Healing can only occur if problems at all levels are addressed.

Today, people are becoming more and more health conscious. The Farm is committed to educating its guests in the ways of proper nutrition and lifestyle.

The Farm, BatangasGourmet Restaurant and Organic Gardens

The Farm's vegan restaurant, Alive!, (one of the first in Asia), provides a surprising twist on the concept of healthy eating with its “living” cuisine. To enhance the culinary experience, the rich tropical-wooded Alive! restaurant offers cool, screened indoor seating and ample outdoor deck tables shaded by majestic trees.

Alongside the Alive! Restaurant is an extensive Organic Garden, which provides the majority of The Farm's fresh produce. The Garden is complemented by an extensive Kitchen Garden which produces a wide variety of sprouts used extensively in our menu preparations. A dedicated Wheat Grass Bungalow has a systematic production of wheat grass for producing fresh juices and therapies.

The Farm received the 2009 & 2006 Bacarrat ASIASPA Award for SPA Cuisine of the Year and the 2007 Spa Asia Reader’s Choice award for Best Cuisine for its healthy and flavorful culinary creations.

Healthy eating, and drinking!
The Farm, Batangas

Gourmet Vegan Cuisine - Creative and Delicious

The Farm's menu includes patés and crackers, plus succulent main dishes, as well as freshly-made ice cream, cookies and cakes.

Food is prepared by soaking, blending, dehydration, culturing and the culinary creativity and talent of The Farm's chefs, who transform vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits into absolutely delectable culinary delicacies.

All foods are produced daily on the premises - from breakfast granola, butters, and jams, dairy-free milk to chutneys, salad dressings, freshly-baked breads, pizza crusts, “hamburger”/veggie burgers and raw-chocolate dessert treats.

Specially designed dehydrators are used instead of cooking to give raw foods a variety of textures that resemble cooked foods, without destroying their nutritional properties and enzymes. Warm soups, rather than cooked hot soups, are served in order to preserve the valuable nutritional building blocks the body needs to continuously rebuild and renew itself, giving energy and vitality.

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Two Great Golf Courses!

Visitors to The Farm can enjoy golf at two of the best courses in the Philippines - Mt. Malarayat and Summit Point, both nearby. Why not combine pampering spa treatments with a round or two of golf in these beautiful surroundings! Ask us for more information.

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The Farm, Batangas

The Farm's Spa

The SPA (or Salus per Aquam), provides a peaceful and soothing atmosphere to nurture the relaxation, healing and rejuvenation process.

Therapies directly support the healing of the body by removing toxins from within the tissues and organs of the body, providing nourishment through the skin, restoring energy balance, and decreasing the acidity pH of the body.

The SPA offers an extensive menu of signature treatments, European and Asian massages, body scrubs and beauty treatmens. Our products are homemade fresh for each treatment, 100% natural and organic. The Farm, itself, produces a number of the ingredients used in treatments including fresh coconut milk, virgin coconut oil, coconut fibre, coffee, and cocoa. Highly trained therapists provide the finest care to each guest.

The pool at night
The Farm, Batangas

A dominant feature of the SPA is the infinity pool with its majestic view of Mount Malarayat, which looks down on The Farm's private massage pavilions, each located within their own gardens and water features.

The spa provides a peaceful and private atmosphere designed to enable each guest to relax and heal, and temporarily forget the stresses of the outside world.

Two Thai massage pavilions overlook the swimming pool and a unique “Massage Under The Stars” is available in the evenings for that perfect romantic nightcap.

A well-equipped Gym, and three swimming pools are available throughout the day for house guests. Meditation, Yoga and Movement sessions are scheduled throughout the day, allowing guests to participate at their convenience. Participation in various Daily Activities is encouraged to support the achievement of visitors' personal health goals.

Sulu Terrace
The Farm, Batangas

Villas & Suites

At The Farm, all the Suites and Villas draw inspiration from the abundant natural surroundings.

Each has its own spacious garden which provides a personal sanctuary after a hard day’s nurturing.

Refreshing natural views complement remarkable architectural detailing to create a feeling of both elegance and comfort.

The Farm, BatangasSulu Terrace

The rustic Sulu Terrace is modeled after the traditional rice barns of the southern Philippines and the Malay archipelago, with wood-beamed ceilings and thatched roofs.

The Farm, BatangasThe Anahaw Terrace Suites

The Anahaw Terrace Suites are inspired by local Philippine traditional leaf-roofed houses. With a unique loft design, they are clustered in sets of three, nestled in the hillside.

The Farm, BatangasThe Palmera Suites

The Palmera Suites celebrate the masterful design of tropical modern style.

Each suite is tastefully appointed with 12 foot high interiors, jewel-toned Thai silks, and spacious private garden and lanais.

The Farm, BatangasGarden Villas

Completely surrounded by tropical greenery, and set within their own private gardens.

Six Garden Villas offer intimate personal spaces for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

The Farm, BatangasMaster Villa

In the center of the property’s lush tropical gardens, the Master Villa is The Farm’s most exclusive accommodation with the ultimate in privacy, comfort and tranquility.

The elegantly appointed master bedroom features beautiful teak-covered walls and ceiling, natural fiber carpets and stunning views of the Villa’s gardens and the Malarayat mountain range.

The spacious bathroom is finished in rich teak with luxurious amenities including homemade lemongrass salt scrub, handmade soaps and coconut oil produced from The Farm’s own organic coconut plantation.

Adjacent to the bathroom is a private SPA Garden. A second guest bedroom, with twin daybeds has its own separate full bathroom.

A fully equipped kitchen provides extra convenience for guests wishing to make simple preparations conveniently.

The Villa has its private outdoor heated swimming pool, surrounded by lush tropical landscaping.

A personal staff member is supplied for regular housekeeping and special requirements.

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