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Philippines Travel and Tourism Student Tuition Work Example

Examples of work created by Philippines Travel and Tourism Students under the guidance of Philippine Trails

Batanes Poster Designed by Baguio Tourism Student

Batanes Poster Designed by Baguio Tourism Student

Philippines Tourism Student Poster

Example of Baguio University Student Itinerary Design.

Sibuyan Island Itinerary Design by Baguio Tourism Student

Sibuyan Itinerary Design by Tourism Student from Baguio University

Student Assistance Programme

Supporting Travel & Tourism Students in the Philippines

As a specialist travel company, Philippine Trails has always encouraged young people in the Philippines looking to work in the Tourism Industry.


University of Baguio, Philippines, logo

Philippine Trails was pleased to be approached by the University of Baguio to assist in the training of a number of their Travel and Tourism students.

Following the creating and signing of a Memorandum of Agreement, training was conducted remotely via Zoom meetings, and students were mentored on a one-to-one by Philippine Trails own travel itinerary manager.

Philippine Trails Travel & Tourism Student Programme

The general programme, devised by Philippine Trails, seeks to present to students a number of various training modules, each relating to a specialism in Travel Management.

Training & Mentoring

Philippine Trails seeks to encourage and develop students by setting a number of tasks which emulate the process of designing, costing, marketing, advertising, and selling tours, including initial research into the various possibilities and practicalities.

A timescale for completion is agreed with each student, and work created is sent via email, or internet link in the case of Blog Posts and similar creative work, for assessment.

Regular tuition is conducted "face to face" online, via Zoom, or similar apps, and at scheduled times convenient to both Philippine Trails mentors and each respective student.

Typical Project: To Design, Create, and Market a Travel Itinerary

Project Research

With this project example, in the initial stage, students are encouraged to research, consider and suggest options for the creation of short tour itineraries, bearing in mind aspects such as travel logistics, available excursions, etc. This process should include measuring feedback as to which ideas and suggestions are most popular, and also the practicalities of running the tours.

Design & Costing

Students then plan an itinerary for their chosen tour, to include transportation, accommodation, and selected local excursions, including Tour Guide duties. The itinerary will include timings, and also costings for all factors within the schedule.


Images on this page show examples of various marketing efforts from previous students. These include itinerary design layouts, and also poster designs. Other methods that students have employed include the writing of Blog Posts, and also postings on Social Media Channels.


With the satisfactory undertaking of a student's assignment, Philippine Trails awards a certificate to each contributing student to record their achievement in completing the programme.

Student Placement Scheme

In addition, Philippine Trails work with various Travel Industry Providers throughout the Philippine Islands.

Working on behalf of Educational establishments, Philippine Trails seeks to place students in temporary roles so that they receive on-the-job training and practical experience.

If you are an Educational Establishment in the Philippines offering a Travel and Tourism Course, and would like Philippine Trails to assist you in any way, please contact us for more information or advice.

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