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Sailing in the Philippines

Sailing in the Philippines.

"The sailing was great fun and the Yacht Club was very welcoming." More testimonials...

Lear to sail at Puerto Galera in the Philippines

Sailing Courses operate from Puerto Galera.

Other Watersports

Because Puerto Galera is a mecca for all water sports, in between sailing lessons, students can enjoy scuba-diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking or simply bask in the beauty of this mangrove fringed paradise.

Windsurfing School

If you already know how to sail a dinghy and want to learn to windsurf then you can come to Puerto Galera and attend the Sandbar Windsurfing School on Boquete Beach.

Learn to Sail a Hobie 16

If you already know how to sail a dinghy and can windsurf then maybe you are ready for a Hobie 16.

Learn to sail a Hobie 16 at the not-so-far-away Taal Lake Yacht Club.

Sailing in the Philippines

Learn to Sail in one of the World's most Beautiful Bays!

We've teamed up with the Puerto Galera Yacht Club, on the island of Mindoro, south of Manila, to offer tuition to those keen on learning how to sail in one of the world's most beautiful natural bays, amidst crystal-clear, warm tropical waters.

Light to moderate sailing breezes are almost guaranteed so students learn to sail faster and achieve greater success. Where could be better? Courses cater for students of all ages, (their youngest graduate was 8 years old).

Windsurfing in the Philippines


Sail a hobie on Lake Taal, Philippines

Hobies on Lake Taal

Learn to sail at Puerto Galera, Philippines

Learn to sail at Puerto Galera

Already Proficient?

The yacht club offers a yacht and dinghy rental plan that can be tailored to your needs. The safety boat can also be hired to accompany you in your exploration of Puerto Galera and its inner bays.

Three Day Basic Sailing Course

This includes some theory of sailing; how the wind effects the boat; names of the parts of the boat, sails and rigging; how a sailboat works; practical rigging and derigging of a boat, fitting a lifejacket; safety appraisal; launching and landing; stopping and starting the boat on the water; sailing circles, triangles and sausages; and capsize recovery (assisted).

Three Day Intermediate Sailing Course

This includes a review and demonstration of a comprehensive understanding of the theory and basic skills of sailing; an introduction to the collision avoidance regulations (COLREGS); rigging and launching the boat unaided; reefing a sail; sailing at all points of sail with emphasis on boat trim and speed; sailing with other dinghies using the COLREGS; righting a capsized boat unaided; and man-overboard recovery (unassisted).

Three Day Advanced Sailing Course

This includes a complete revision or demonstration by the student of the skills and knowledge required of the previous courses; an introduction to the racing rules; how to race, including signals, starting and penalties; practical racing against other dinghies over a variety of courses; and sailing with a spinnaker (if conditions permit).

Course fees include: tuition, course notes, personal safety equipment, dinghy hire, safety boat hire on the water at all times and certification.

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