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Cruises in the Philippines

The Palawan Discovery - a boutique Cruise Ship cruising the Philippines.

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The Palawan Discovery is a boutique cruise ship that has been completely refurbished, and is now offering a number of fabulous cruises, mainlybetween the months of October and March.

Spaces are limited and fill up fast so be sure to reserve your cruise at the earliest opportunity!

The Cruise Ship

Built in Holland, the ship was a originally three-masted schooner that cruised the Caribbean. In 2006 she was refitted with a more powerful engine, plus modern navigational equipment. She was moved to the Philippines and in 2013, she underwent a USD 1.5 million renovation and was given her new name, "Discovery Palawan".

The Philippines Cruises

There is a new 7 day cruise which explores the Visayas - in the central belt of the Philippines.

The cruise is unique as the itinerary is for those who wish to cruise only as well as for divers and snorkelers!

If your visit to the Philippines is for a longer duration, let us know, and we'll tailor the overall itinerary to suit. Just let us know where else you wish to visit, or let us suggest!

Divers and Non-Divers Catered For!

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Visayas Cruise - 7 Days

Upcoming Cruise Dates 2018:

OCT 06 - 12, OCT 13 - 19, OCT 20 - 26, OCT 27 - NOV 02, NOV 03 - 09, NOV 10 - 16, NOV 17 - 23, NOV 24 - 30, DEC 01 - 07, DEC 08 - 14, DEC 15 - 21, DEC 22 - 28, (guaranteed trip), DEC 29 - JAN 04, 2019

Upcoming Cruise Dates 2019:

JAN 05 - 11, JAN 12 - 18, JAN 19 - 25, JAN 26 - FEB 01, (guaranteed trip), FEB 02 - 08, FEB 09 - 15, FEB 16 - 22, (guaranteed trip), FEB 23 - MAR 01, MAR 02 - 08, (guaranteed trip), MAR 09 - 15


STANDARD ROOM (Lower Cabin): From USD 1,799 per person, based on 2 sharing

(Single Cabin): From USD 2,699 per person

UPPER DECK: From USD 2,249 per person, based on 2 sharing

(Single Cabin): From USD 3,374 per person

Plus Marine and Environmental Fee of USD 100 per person

For super peak dates, there is a surcharge of $100 per person

Plus Fuel Surcharge of USD100 per person


STANDARD ROOM (Lower Cabin): From USD 1,999 per person, based on 2 sharing

(Single Cabin): From USD 2,999 per person

UPPER DECK: From USD 2,449 per person, based on 2 sharing

(Single Cabin): From USD 3,749 per person

Plus Marine and Environmental Fee of USD 100 per person

For super peak dates, there is a surcharge of $100 per person

Plus Fuel Surcharge of USD100 per person

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Dining Deckon MV Discovery

The Dining Deck

Diving and Non-Diving Itinerary

Standard Twin Cabin

Standard Twin Cabin.

Day 1 - Depart Cebu

Departure from Cebu Yacht Club, between 2 – 4pm.

Check out dive if schedule allows.

Day 2 - Kalanggaman / Monad Shoal (3 dives)

Our first stop is the beautiful Kalanggaman. The first dive will be a check out dive before exploring its rich walls and reefs. Guests will have a chance to lie on the beach and enjoy the tropical beach island paradise. Afternoon dive will be at the Monad Shoal to look for mantas at the cleaning stations.

Non divers will disembark in Malapascua to enjoy the beach and the island.

Day 3 - Malapascua: Monad Shoal / Gato (4 dives)

We will have 2 morning dives at the cleaning station and Monad Shoal to look for thresher sharks and manta rays. We will also do 1 afternoon and 1 night Gato Island in what can be considered one of the best night dives in the Philippines.

A shallow tunnel with dramatic entrance and exits awaits the adventurous diver.

The walls are filled with crustaceans and nudibranchs, including the famous Spanish Dancer.

Non divers will disembark in Malapascua to enjoy the beach and the island.

Day 4 - Pescador Island & Moal Boal (4 dives)

Between 4 to 10 meters, expect to see a sloping reef filled with both hard and soft corals and the requisite reef fishes.

But it is the drop off and the sponge covered walls that extend down to about 55 meters that pique the diver’s interest with lots of cracks and crevices to explore, and overhangs to swim through. Seafans and colorful soft corals adorn the walls where sponges with camouflaged frogfish lie in ambush. In the afternoon we will move closer the mainland where divers can fin through the Philippine version of a sardine run. We will be offering a night dive on one of the shallow reefs.

Forward Cabin Queen Bed

Forward Cabin, Queen Bed.

Day 5 - Oslob (3 dives)

After breakfast, divers and snorkelers will be able to snorkel/dive with the biggest fish in the sea, the whale sharks.

These majestic, gentle creature have provided the residents a sustainable means of livelihood by providing income as guides, boat men and other work opportunities that have resulted from whale shark watching tourism. In the afternoon, we transfer to Sumilon island where guests can snorkel and dive the shallow and beautiful reefs around Sumilon.

Day 6 - Cabilao Island (3 dives)

2 morning dives and 1 afternoon dive.

Cabilao remains as one of the roads less travelled as far as diving goes. As a result, the corals seem to be more prolific and healthier here than the other popular dive sites in the Visayas.

Seafans, Elephant ear corals, deliciously colored soft corals await the lucky divers.

Non-divers will disembark after breakfast and have a chance to lie on the beach and snorkel the pretty reefs that surround this picturesque island.

Day 7 - Disembarkation in Cebu Yacht Club between 8 - 10am.

*Discovery Fleet will make best efforts to follow the established itineraries but reserves the right to change it due to sea conditions, weather and safety considerations during the actual voyage

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Children are defined as anyone under the age of 12 on the start of the date of the trip.

When children are on board, they must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian at all times.

Discovery Fleet Corporation accepts no responsibility for the care of the child and does not provide baby care or nanny facilities.

Children up to 5 years of age are free as long as they share the parents bed/room.

Children 5 years and one day up to one day short of 12 years pay 60% of the trip fee.

*All passengers, regardless of age must pay park fees.


Welcome drinks

Tea, coffee

Juice (morning only)

Filtered Water

Air-conditioned accommodation with private toilet and shower

Full-board meals (buffet) for the whole cruise, excluding drinks. (Starts with Dinner on the first day; Ends with Breakfast on the last day)

Various activities such as island hopping, snorkeling and other activities mentioned in the itinerary (weather permitting)

Cruising and Sailing Gear
Cruising and Sailing Gear


Rental of snorkel - and dive gear

All beverages and mineral water

Dive/Travel Insurance



Park Fees which will be collected in advance

Transfers to & from the ship (Philippine Trails will arrange this.)

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