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Mountain biking in the Cordillera Mountains, Philippines

Mountain biking in the Cordillera Mountains, Philippines

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Cordillera Mountains Biking Tour - 7 Days

This tour is available to run at any time with a minimum of 2 riders.

Fitness Level: 4 out of 5

Distance: Approximately 200 kms

Locations: Baguio, Sagada, Kalinga


The Cordillera Mountain Range is one of the longest mountain ranges situated in the Northern part of the Philippines. It is home to different northern cultures and tribes like the Ibaloi, Kankanaey, Isneg, and Ifugao. Each of them have their own unique set of cultures, traditions, beliefs and religion.The vast natural resources of the Cordillera Mountain Range makes it an ideal mountain biking destination here in the Philippines. Everywhere you look is very scenic. The amazing rice terraces, dark caves, cold rivers, and tall waterfalls are the highlights of this mountain bike tour.

What’s the riding like for our Cordillera Mountain Bike Tour? You’ll be riding most of the time on back roads and technical single tracks with very scenic views of the mountains and rice terraces. Biking in the Cordillera mountain range is twice as hard because of the unpredictable weather, thinner air, and technicality of the trail.


Mountain bike with safety helmet inclusive of bike maintenance and consumables

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Bike, people and baggage transportation

Hotel accommodation base on twin-sharing


Hydration: Bottled Water/ Sports Drinks

Bike Tour Leader

Local guide where required

Local trekking guide

Flight from Tuguegarao City to Manila

Water bottles


Day 1 - Baguio City

We will transport you from Manila to the City of Baguio. Travel time is 5 to 6 hours by land. It is situated in the mountains of Cordillera. Being a city on top of the mountain, the weather most of the day is colder as compared to other major cities like Manila and Tuguegarao.

Day 2 - Baguio City

We will bike Baguio’s Yellow Trail or other trails nearby. Yellow Trail is short but technical. It can be ridden in two hours. Most part of it is single tracks with lots of roots of pine trees. However, if Yellow Trail is not available for us, we will ride other trails nearby. The trails in Benguet is composed of dirt road, single tracks, and pavements. There are long uphills and downhills.

Day 3 - Sagada

Travel time from Baguio to Sagada is approximately 4 hours by land. We will be biking the backdoor trail up to Sagada’s town proper. The distance is 10 to 12 kilometers uphill. Along the way, we will visit a cave which is popular in Sagada a traditional burial site. Sagada’s ancient people bury their dead relatives in caves in a wooden coffin. Also, we will be seeing the Hanging Coffin of Sagada.

We will have our lunch in the town proper. After lunch we will bike to Kiltepan Rice Terraces which is 8 kilometers away from the town proper.

We will take the rough road to Kiltepan and then back to Sagada town proper.

Day 4 - Sagada

Today, we will have more of Sagada’s trails. We will ride the Marlboro Trail in the morning and Pilao ridge in the afternoon. Total riding distance is around 30 kilometers from and back to your hotel.

Day 5 - Tinglayan, Kalinga Province

We will leave Sagada early in the morning for Tinglayan, Kalinga Province. We will be biking most of the time on paved roads. Although it is mostly road, it is one of the most scenic ride in this tour with several rice terraces, mountains and rivers. Distance from Sagada to Tinglayan is 60kms.

Day 6 - Buscalan, Kalinga Province

Buscalan is the home of the oldest traditional tattoo artist in the Philippines. Her name is Fang Od. If you want to get a tattoo or a huge fan of tattoos, then you came to the right place. There is, however, a 40- minute trek to the small village of Buscalan. And since, this part of the route is not doable by bike, we arrange several porters that will carry our bikes to the next village, known as Butbut. From Butbut, we will bike down to Tinglayan. Butbut is only accessible by motorbike, mountain bikes, and 4×4 vehicles. Don’t forget to take pictures because this ride is very scenic. Buscalan and Butbut are situated higher that Tinglayan so it is cooler there and has thinner air.

In the afternoon, we will have to leave your hotel for Tabuk City. The purpose of doing this is to get you closer to the airport in Tuguegarao City.

Day 7 - Tuguegarao to Manila

We will now head to Tuguegarao Airport. Travel time from your hotel is 1.5 to 2 hours. Today is a no-biking day because we have to leave early and catch your flight back to Manila.

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