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Coron, Calamian Islands, Philippines

Coron, Calamian Islands, Philippines.

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Coron (Calamian Islands)

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El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Calauit Game Reserve. (Photo courtesy Philippines Department of Tourism)

The Calauit Island Game Preserve

The Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary has evolved to become a home of important Philippine endemic and exotic wildlife from Africa.

Calauit Special Project started in 1997 with the introduction of eight species on an experimental basis to see whether the movement of African wildlife from a subtropical to tropical habitat would succeed.

Eventually, 104 different exotic animal species composed of giraffe, eland, zebra, impala, bushbuck, gazelle and waterbuck arrived in the island.

After 24 years, the number has increased dramatically except for gazelle and topi, and is now in existence with some endemic and endangered Philippine wildlife. Read MORE >>

The Calamian Islands, (often referred to as Coron), include Coron, Sangat, Busuanga, and Culion. The region is popular with divers and explorers with various water sports and excursions available. (Strangely, the town of Coron is to be found on Busuanga Island.)

Coron view, Philippines

Coron view

Dive boats at Sangat Island

Dive boats at Sangat Island

Diving amongst the wrecks, Coron, Philippines

Diving amongst the wrecks. (Photo courtesy Philippines Department of Tourism)

Sangat Island is located right amongst the World War II wrecks, and is also popular with lover of nature and bird life.

Busuanga boasts a staggering array of magnificent seascapes, jaw-dropping scenery and world-class wreck diving.

Coron is reached by direct flights from Manila or El Nido, or by ferry from El Nido.


Coron Island is best known for the eight out of twelve Japanese supplies shipwrecks that were sunk by the United States Navy during a massive air bombing campaign during World War 2.

These ships were sunk at depths of 10 to 43 meters and some of the wrecks are 160 meters in length, with most of the ships still intact.

The water is incredibly clear and perfect that you'd be able to spot different species of fish like the yellow fin tuna, groupers, scorpion fish and lionfish.

Sangat Island

Sangat Island is located right amongst the World War II wrecks, and is one of The Philippines' premier diving destinations. If your interest in bird watching is coupled with a love for marine life and diving, this is the destination for you! Sangat Island also features on our "Away From It All Resorts" page >>


Busuanga boasts a staggering array of magnificent seascapes, jaw-dropping scenery and world-class wreck diving‚ - virtually a platter of adventure for the intrepid. The island province has been declared a nature sanctuary of the world and for good reason. It is wrapped in a mantel of rain forests, outstanding dive sites, majestic mountains, primeval caves and shimmering beaches.

Birdwatching at La Natura Resort, Coron, PhilippinesCoron Birdwatching Retreat

Ideal for bird watching enthusiasts. Enjoy a stay in a lovely Coron resort, with the attention of local birding guide.

Birdwatching in Coron, PhilippinesEnjoy a relaxing stay in beautiful, peaceful surroundings, with tropical birds and butterflies around you.

Other activities such as trekking and motorcycling are also available, as well as tours of the popular tourist spots in Coron and the Calamian Islands. Please Enquire...

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