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Baguio - Mines View

Mines View, Philippines

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Baguio - "City of Pines"

The mountain city of Baguio, locally referred to as "the City of Pines" is a popular tourist destination in North Luzon due mainly to its cooler climate. On average it is 8 degrees cooler than Manila.

This fresh and green environment makes Baguio a favourite destination for Filipinos wanting to escape for a vacation from Manila, and other lowland areas.

Many of our North Luzon Tour Suggestions include Baguio.

Statue, Baguio Botanical Gardens, Philippines

Statue, Baguio Botanical Gardens, Philippines

Igorots in native costume, Baguio

Igorots in native costume, Baguio, Philippines

Baguio - Gateway to North Luzon

Baguio is a gateway to popular tourist destinations in North Luzon, such as Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces, and Sagada, in the Cordillera mountains, the beaches of La Union, and the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan.

Baguio Cathedral

Baguio Cathedral is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city. A pink colour, it is quite distinctive with its twin spires.

Session Road

Session Road is the Baguio's main thoroughfare and is lined with a variety of shops, markets, hotels and caf├ęs etc. The street was named in recognition of it having been the site of the Philippine Commission's first "session", when plans were made for self-governance.

Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay was originally designed for the use of the US Army in the Far East. It was named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt's Secretary of State. It features a world class golf course that was designed by Jack Niclaus. Visiting tourists will appreciate its pine tree-lined avenues, and attractive wide open landscaping.

Mines View

Mines View Park is situated on a ridge to the north-east of the city, offering spectacular views of Benguet's old gold and copper mines, (from which gained its name), and the Cordillera mountains. There are souvenir stalls selling local crafts, and visitors also have a chance to get dressed in full traditional Cordillera costume.

Baguio Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden is an open park that features different relics from its Igorot Village, including statues that depict various Cordillera tribesmen.

A relief sculpture at the entrance is where you'll find real Igorots, in costume, who will pose for your photographs for a small reward.

The Panagbenga Flower Festival

In Baguio, the Panagbenga Festival, or "Blooming Flowers Festival", is held during the month of February. This fantastic colourful festival usually starts during the first week of the month, and ends in the first week of March.

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