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Bicol, Philippines
Mount Mayon Volcano, Philippines

Mount Mayon Volcano, Philippines.

Mt Mayon Volcano

Mt Mayon is the Philippines most active volcano. It dominates the skyline near Legaspi City.

Mt Mayon Volcano has erupted 48 times, and has a crater that is permanently smoldering.

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Mayon Volcano Experience

We recommend 4 Days minimum for this Tour. Add extra days to include Donsol and/or Ticao Island

Let us take you on a Tour of the Bicol region of the Philippines, and see Mt Mayon Volcano. With so many other attractions in this area, this is a fascinating holiday itinerary all in itself!

Please note there is No Trekking, or All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Tours, whilst the Mt Mayon Volcano is active.

Cagasawa Ruins, Bicol, Philippines

Cagasawa Ruins, Bicol

Bicol typhoon memorial

Bicol typhoon memorial

Hoyop-Hoyopan Caves, Bicol, Philippines

Hoyop-Hoyopan Caves

Bikolinarya Culinary Experience, Bicol, Philippines

Bicol Culinary Experience

Take a trip to the Bicol region of the Philippines and see the Mayon Volcano. This mountain is considered to be the most perfectly symmetrical volcano in the world. Current volcanic activity draws visitors to the region to witness this mountain's power and majesty first-hand.

Mt Mayon Attractions

Lignon Hill - get up close to view the Mayon Volcano. There's a zipline here too for those brave enough to try!

Cagsawa Ruins - see the historic effects that the Mayon Volcano eruption of 1814 had on this structure and its surrounds.

Stop off at the Padang Barangay - in 2006, during a violent typhoon, this area was buried in a landslide of ash and giant boulders, washed down from the Mt Mayon Volcano.

Hoyop-Hoyopan Caves -There are pools of water in the caves. When these dry up, locals will tell you it's a sign of an imminent volcanic eruption!

Bikolinarya Culinary Experience - learn how to cook, and sample, local Bicol delicacies! The Bikolinarya Culinary Experience will teach you how to make such dishes the traditional way.

Explore the Japanese Tunnel, & Daraga Church

Head to Donsol for Whale Shark Interaction

Tuba Forest & Falls Adventure - away from the crowd and the usual tourist route takes you to Barangay Tuba - an agricultural village in Donsol, where you can interact with the locals and walk through a small forest. The highlight of this trip is a three-tier waterfall in which you can swim and enjoy nature.

Stay on Ticao Island. Ticao Island Resort is a peaceful refuge where you can simply relax, or go diving to experience Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Hammerheads, and Tiger Sharks. Other activities include Trekking and Horseback Riding.

Enquiry ButtonExperience "cowboy life" ranching on Mabate Island. Masbate is the ranch capital of the Philippines. Cowhands on horseback herd their cattle across the wide open landscape.

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