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White water kayaking in the Philippines

White water kayaking in the Philippines.

Whitewater kayaking on Mindoro Island, Philippines

Whitewater kayaking on Mindoro Island

Whitewater Kayaking in the Philippines

Prepare for thrills and excitement with a whitewater kayaking trek, or day activity, on Mindoro Island! (If your itinerary includes Puerto Galera, and you wish to incorporate Day Kayaking, or Trekking, please advise.)

Lantuyan River, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Lantuyan River

Aras Cave, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Aras Cave

Mangyan Village, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Mangyan Village

Aras Cave, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Aras Cave

Lantuyan River, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Lantuyan River

Trekking at Puerto Galera, Philippines

Trekking at Puerto Galera

Mangyan village, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Concealed Mangyan village

Whitewater kayaking on Mindoro Island, Philippines

Whitewater kayaking on Mindoro Island

Kayaking & Trekking

- 4 Days 3 Nights

(N.B. If you wish to incorporate this 4 Day Trek in a wider itinerary, please let us know)

Day 1: Whitewater Kayaking in Arigoy River San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro

Wet, wild, untouched… but safe, whitewater rafting in the cleanest and one of the most pristine rivers in Oriental Mindoro located just 1½ hour drive from Puerto Galera.

For 2½ exhilarating hours you can rush down 16 rapids surging in between two mountains. The Arigoy River rafting experience is sure to satisfy even the most intrepid river runners. The lush forest surrounding the river is an added treat.

Take the front seat of the kayak with an internationally certified guide behind you. For those who wish to kayak, but not in the rapids, one-man kayaks are available for the calm portions of the river.

The ride to the jump-off has views of the mountains on the right, the sea on the left with Mangyan (native tribe) huts dotting the way.

More than just an outdoor activity the whitewater kayaking in San Teodoro is an immersion to the town’s virgin marvels: crisp air, energising waters, dense forests and its indigenous people the Mangyans.

The Arigoy River whitewater kayaking is run by an association (AKWETAA) which provides livelihood to the indigenous Mangyans. The President of AKWETAA is a Mangyan!

Overnight at Dolce Vitta di Jo Resort

Day 2: Trekking to Aras Cave in San Teodoro

The cave has two entrances located next to each other. One entrance is dry; while the other is rushing with water from the waterfalls inside. You may enter the latter for a more challenging experience, but be prepared to get wet.

Inside, the cave is elongated like a narrow tunnel. It has a high ceiling, home to bats and birds. Reaching the end of the cave takes about 15 minutes. It’s dark and slippery, so be sure to wear sturdy sandals or shoes, and have a flashlight in hand. Two particularly interesting sights in the cave are the large ceiling openings located at the middle and at the end of the tunnel.

The first opening sets itself up like a well-lit stage, while the second is about the size of a basketball court, opening up to the sky with trees standing above the limestone rocks. At the latter, a two-storey high waterfall gushes from one limestone wall. This is the same water that runs through the cave, out the entrance, and courses through the many brooks in the area.

Overnight at Dolce Vitta di Jo Resort

Day 3: Trekking to the Mangyan Village & Swim in Lantuyan’s cascading fresh, clean water in Baco, Oriental Mindoro

Mangyan is the collective name for the eight indigenous groups living in Mindoro, each with its own name, language, and set of customs. The Alangan Mangyans live in the municipalities of Naujan, Baco, San Teodoro, and Victoria in Oriental Mindoro, and in the municipality of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro.

The women traditionally wear a skirt called lingeb. This is made of long strips of woven nito (forest vines), and is wound around the abdomen. This is worn together with the g-string called abayen. The upper covering is called ulango, made from the leaf of the wild buri palm. Sometimes a red kerchief called limbutong is worn over the ulango. The men wear g-strings with fringes in front.

The Alangan Mangyans practise swidden farming, which consists of eleven stages. Two of them are the firebreak-making (agait) and the fallowing (agpagamas). A firebreak is made so the fire will not go beyond the swidden site where the vegetation is thoroughly dry and ready for burning. Two years after clearing, cultivation of the swidden is normally ceased and the site is allowed to revert back to forest.

Betel nut chewing is also noted among the Alangans, like all other Mangyan tribes. This they chew with great fervour from morning to night, saying that they don't feel hunger as long as they chew betel nut. Nonetheless, betel chewing has a social dimension. Exchange of betel chew ingredients signifies social acceptance.

The Mangyans in the lower lying regions have assimilated partially in the western culture-the higher you go, the further inland and the further away they are from civilisation the more traditional they are.

Overnight at Dolce Vitta di Jo Resort

Dolce Vitta di Jo Resort, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Dolce Vitta di Jo Resort

Day 4: Relaxation at Resort

Dolce Vitta di Jo Resort is located in a beautiful and peaceful area at the base of Mt. Halcon, surrounded by rice fields allowing an excellent view of the mountain. Dolce Vitta di Jo Resort’s gardens and miniature forest are an absolute pleasure to experience. Featuring a complete list of amenities, guests will find their stay at the property a comfortable one. Bar/pub, coffee shop, poolside bar are on the list of things guests can enjoy.

Each guestroom is elegantly furnished and equipped with handy amenities. Recuperate from a full day of sightseeing in the comfort of your room or take advantage of the hotel's recreational facilities, including massage, outdoor pool, garden, jacuzzi, sauna. Jog through the pathways of the garden, filled with beautiful native plants and trees.

Dolce Vita di Jo Resort is an excellent choice from which to explore Oriental Mindoro or to simply relax and rejuvenate.

The Mindoro Mangyan Heritage Museum is located within the resort grounds.

Trek and Kayaking Includes:

Kayak rental, transportation, kayak guides, safety gears, environmental fees, spelunking guides, entrance fees, 3 meals per day, use of resort facilities (jacuzzi, sauna, pool, fitness gym, pool table).

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