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Diving in the Philippines

Diving in the Philippines. (Photo courtesy Philippines Department of Tourism)

Diver training at Puerto Galera

Diver training at Puerto Galera

Diver Training

Many specialist Dive Resorts offer training to those that are new to the sport, or who want to achieve qualifications and standards.

If you'd like to receive training in a certain region of the Philippines, we can recommend appropriate establishments, arrange the transportation and accommodation, and pre-book whichever courses or training you require.

Simply let us know what you wish to do, and we will let you have our recommendations and itinerary.


We offer Cruises which have daily itineraries for both Divers and Non-Divers, as well as Liveaboards for Divers.

Cruise & Liveaboard Diving Excursions >>

Diving for the Disabled

Scuba diving is one of the most accessible activities for disabled people. We are able to offer programmes that are designed to work in cooperation with existing dive training organisations to allow individuals who would have difficulty fulfilling all requirements to experience diving safely, with equipment modifications, and enhanced training.

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Diving in the Philippines

Atlantis DumagueteThe Philippines, being a country made up of 7,107 islands, & lying in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, could possibly be the world's most perfect diving destination!

In fact no country has a greater diversity of marine life, a reason why divers are attracted to the Philippines from all over the world.

Pretty well all of the coastal resorts and destinations that we feature in our holidays and tours have diving as an optional recreation, and they can usually cater for both the beginner, to the more experienced. Most dive resorts offer tuition, and training is given to the very highest levels.

Cruises & Liveaboards with Diving

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Diving off Batangas


The closest diving destination to Manila is Batangas, easily accessed by road.

Currently Anilao has more than 40 dive sites, many only 5 to 10 minutes apart. Diving in Batangas offers a wide variety of diving choices, with numerous reefs that may be explored.

Anilao is a marine protected sanctuary, protecting the different coral species from damage, and educating the local community in various ways of preserving this wonderful place.

Popular Batangas Dive Resorts:

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort >>

El Pinoy Dive and Leisure Resort >>

Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort >>

King Solomon Dive Resort >>

Pier Uno Dive Resort >>

Atlantis Resort, Puerto Galera
Atlantis Puert Galera

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a superb diving area on the island of Mindoro, just across from Batangas, and diving in Puerto Galera is very accessible.

Divers travelling to Puerto Galera from Manila make the relatively simple journey firstly by road, and then a regular ferry crossing.

Diving is a hugely popular activity in Puerto Galera and there are a number of excellent dive resorts and hotels. Puerto Galera is an ideal destination for non-diving companions too, as there is good nightlife once the sun has gone down!

Popular Puerto Galera Dive Resorts:

Marco Vincent Dive Resort >>
Atlantis Dive Resort >>
El Galleon Dive Resort with Asia Divers >>

Dive Shop, Boracay
Dive Shop Boracay


Dive shops abound on this gem of an island, especially to the west of White Beach.

This is a lively island with numerous activities on offer, and with countless bars and restaurants, and high standards of accommodation. Ideal for families, and divers and non-divers alike! There is no need to stay at a Dive Resort on Boracay, as independent Dive Shops are dotted all over. There are specialist Dive Resorts that many Boracay divers prefer, including several we list below.

Popular Boracay Dive Resorts:

Dive Gurus Boracay Beach Resort >>
Calypso Dive Resort Boracay >>
Victory Beach Resort Boracay >>
Training Pool, Alona Beach, Bohol
Training Pool Bohol

Panglao Island, Bohol

Panglao Island is connected to Bohol by a bridge, and is just a short hop from Bohol's main city of Tagbilaran, and those wishing to dive in Bohol, should head out to Alona Beach on Panglao Island.

This wonderful stretch of white sand is host to several Diving Resorts and Dive Schools. Diving in Bohol is an experience enjoyed by the novice and experienced diver alike.

Panglao Island features in our Central Visayas Dive Safari - More >>

Popular Panglao Island, Bohol Dive Resorts:

Bohol Sea Resort >>
Oasis Beach Dive Resort >>
Kasai Village, Moalboal
Kasai Village, Moalboal

Cebu & Moalboal

There are numerous diving sites off the island of Cebu, in the central region of the Philippines. Divers head here from all around the world, especially to Moalboal, which is probably Cebu's finest diving base. Diving in Moalboal offers a host of dive spots that can be explored.

Some Moalboal dive resorts offer other water sport activities, as well as exciting excursions such as jungle trekking, cave exploring, motorcycling in the mountains, and hill walking to the waterfalls. Cyclists can explore the island too, and bikes can be hired. If you'd like to include motorcycling or mountain bike riding in Cebu, get in touch and we'll arrange it for you.

Cebu and Moalboal feature in our Big Fish Dive Safari - More >>

Popular Cebu Dive Resorts:

Moalboal Beach Resort >>

The Blue Orchid Resort, Moalboal >>

Asian Begian Resort, Moalboal >>

Dolphin House Resort, Moalboal >>

Turtle Bay Dive Resort, Moalboal >>

Bluewater Sumilon Island >>


Malapascua Island

Malapascua is a diver's highlight. Diving season is all year round and the area is famous for nudibranch species, crabs, the rare harlequin shrimp, ghostpipe fish, frog fish, various sea-horses and Mandarin fish.

Good dive sites in Malapascua where you can look out for these Philippine specialities are Lapus-Lapus, Bantigi or Chocolate island.

Malapascua is also a place for divers to seek larger fish, such as eagle ray, tuna, grey bamboo and white tip reef sharks, which can be easily observed.

Malapascua features in our Seadoors Liveaboard Dive Cruises - More >>

Popular Malapascua Island Dive Resorts:

Malapascua Exotic Island Beach Resort >>

Ocean Vida Resort >>

Dive Boats at Sangat Island
Sangat Island

Coron & Sangat Island

Sangat Island Dive Resort occupies quite nearly the entire southwestern cusp of Sangat Island, part of the Calamian Island group to the north of Palawan.

Coron is in close proximity to eleven World War II wrecks. Ten of these wrecks are historically significant Japanese War and Supply ships sunk by American forces during the "Battle of Coron Bay" in 1944.

NemoOf these ten World War II wreck sites, eight have found their final resting place only a few minutes' boat ride from the beach front.

Sangat Island Dive Resort occupies quite nearly the entire southwestern cusp of Sangat Island.

It has 300 metres of white sand beachfront, sparkling tropical waters, and coral reef gardens brimming with sea life, Sangat Island Dive Resort has become one of the premier resort destinations for eco-conscious paradise-seekers and scuba diving enthusiasts the world over. Sangat is a private resort accessed only by boat from Coron.

Popular Coron Dive Resorts:

Chindonan Island Resort and Dive Center >>
Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort >>
Sangat Island Dive Resort >>
Atlantis Resort, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental
Atlantis Dumaguete

Negros Oriental - Dumaguete

Dumaguete is a perfect base for exploring the pristine reefs of Apo Island.

Popular Dumaguete Dive Resorts:

Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort, Dumaguete >>
Atlantis Dive Resort, Dumaguete >>
Ticao Island
Ticao Island

Ticao Island

Ticao Island Resort is surrounded by several dive sitesl.

Some dive sites, like the Manta Bowl, are the cleaning and feeding stations of the Oceanic Manta. Waters such as Ticao Pass and Burias Pass are known for being plankton rich, with a constant current.

This makes the waters of Ticao Island an alley for other pelagics like Whale Sharks, Thresher Sharks, Hammerheads, and Tiger Sharks.

Try Ticao island's Dive Ticao Island 4 Day Itinerary.

Freediving in the Philippines

Let us take you to Romblon, an unspoilt tropical island where you can learn the basics of freediving in just one day. Get a feel for freediving, and learn the basic theory and safety rules.

There are courses at 3 Levels:

Freediving Level 1: Over 2 days you will learn about freediving equipment, breathing techniques, relaxation, physiology, safety, equalization, body position and technique. You will develop skills required to freedive down to twenty metres with one single breath.

Freediving Level 2: Over 3 days you can improve your technique and learn about the physical laws of freediving - what happens to your body, and how to train for the activity. Dive down to depths of 30 metres using an advanced equalisation method.

Freediving Level 3: This specialist deep freediving course enables you to have the knowledge and skills to freedive up to 40 metres, and you will earn how to become a more confident and safe.

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